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advs202270080-gra-0001-m.jpg selected as cover (May 5, 2022)



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정밀한 항암제 분석의 대량·고속화 실현

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mabi202070011-gra-0001-m.jpg selected as cover (June, 2020)

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당뇨병 치료 가능성 및 동물 실험 대체 가능성 열어
고려대 연구팀, 당뇨병 치료 가능성 및 동물 실험 대체 가능성 열어
고대 故이상훈·정석 교수-미국 소아당뇨센터 Maike Sander연구팀, 당뇨병 치료 가능성 열어

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Tissue model reveals role of blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s
Blood-brain barrier role in Alzheimer’s patients revealed by tissue model
MIT, MGH scientists report new insight into Alzheimer’s

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advs201970068-gra-0001-m.jpg selected as back cover (June, 201)

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신약 후보물질 평가 '3차원 세포배양 플랫폼' 개발
약물 스크리닝용 3차원 세포배양 플랫폼 개발
신약 후보물질 평가 ‘3차원 세포배양 플랫폼’ 개발

96. S.E.Park, K.I.Song, H.Kim, S.Chung, I.Youn*, 2018, Graded 6-OHDA-induced dopamine depletion in the nigrostriatal pathway evokes progressive pathological neuronal activities in the subthalamic nucleus of a hemi-parkinsonian mouse, Behavioural Brain Research 15, 344, 42-47

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국립암센터 새로운 항암제 개발 방향 제시

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adhm201670006-gra-0001-m.jpg selected as cover (Jan, 2016)



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integrbiol.jpg selected as cover (July, 2014)

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61 adhm201470043.jpg selected as cover

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YTN : 3차원 세포배양 기술 개발 - 신약 개발 빨라진다
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서울경제 : 동물실험 없앨 방법 한국서 찾았다
Science21 : 커버스토리



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mcontentselected as cover (Dec, 2009)

BRIC 한빛사
암세포 혈관 생성과정 3차원으로 본다 : 조선일보

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selected Top 10 Articles for Lab on a Chip in January (with 589 access)
Close encounters with 3-D cell growth : MIT News 2008 Dec.
e! Science News
BRIC 한빛사 상위피인용 논문



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